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Did you know that standard car tires used to have inner tubes? Learn why modern car tires don’t have inner tubes anymore and the advantages of tubeless tires below.

What Are Tubed Tires?

Before we learn why tubeless tires are better, we should know what tubed tires are. Tubed tires have two components—an exterior tube and an inner tube that holds the air and gives the tires its shape. While the exterior tire is tough, so it can properly handle on-road and terrain, the inner tube is soft.

This was how most tires were constructed until the tubeless tire was invented in 1946 and eventually became standard for all new cars in the 1950s. While tubed tires are still around, they’re primarily used for specific vehicles and terrains, like off-road dirt bikes, rather than ordinary cars.

Why Are Tubeless Tires Better?

Tubed tires used to be common, but why don’t modern car tires have inner tubes anymore? There are a couple of reasons, most of which relate to safety.

Inner Tube Tires Overheat

A significant problem with tubed tires is the friction between the inner and outer tubes. This friction increases at higher speeds and causes the tubes to heat up—the faster they go, the more friction, and the more likely they will explode.

In the past, when vehicles weren’t going very fast, this wasn’t much of a problem, but with modern cars traveling at high speeds on highways, it’s a significant safety hazard! Tubeless tires don’t have this problem, making them suited for modern vehicles.

Tubeless Tires Are Cost-Effective

Tubeless tires are also more cost-effective for modern vehicles. Since tubeless tires don’t have the extra tube, they’re much lighter than inner tube tires. More lightweight tires mean a more fuel-efficient car and more cost-effective tire investment for modern car owners.

Tubeless Tires Handle Punctures Better

Another significant reason we now use tubeless tires is their durability and ability to handle a puncture. A tubed tire with a puncture can blow out immediately, exploding and becoming a massive safety hazard for the car and other vehicles.

Tubeless tires have a much slower deflation rate, allowing drivers to slow down, gain vehicle control, and reach a safe place for tire repairs or replacement. Also, modern tubeless tires can use liquid sealants to fix punctures and leaks quickly, unlike tires with inner tubes.


If you need new tires or want to learn more about the differences between tubeless tires and tires with inner tubes, RNR Tire Express has plenty of tires in McAllen, TX, and many other locations nationwide! Stop by our tire shop or set up an appointment online today!

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