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All vehicle owners know that tires are probably the most important part of their automobile. Tires do not only provide necessary stability but also enable the vehicle to move safely on the road, which is the primary role of the car.

Tire Replacement

Over time, no matter where or how often you’re driving, tires will wear and tear. Constant repair and replacement is a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership. A worn-out tire does not provide the necessary grip on the ground, which can lead to fatal road accidents. A considerable number of auto accidents each year around the country can be attributed to worn-out tires.

To prevent accidents, worn-out tires must be replaced. However, tires, rims, and other essential parts are costly. Thousands of vehicle owners struggle to replace tires every year. — moving from one tire shop to another looking for cheap tires.

Rent To Own Tire Programs

A rent to own program is a payment option that has been introduced by tire shops with the sole aim of assisting people who cannot buy custom wheels upfront. This process involves paying an agreed deposit and getting the custom wheels after, meaning the remaining balance will be paid in the future. For example, you can get tires worth $450 by paying as little as $50 upfront and settle the rest in installments.

Unfortunatley, thousands of car owners have never heard of rent to own tire programs. If you’re one of the car owners struggling to buy new custom wheels for your car, here are some reasons you should incorporate rent to own tire programs:

1. Access All Tires

Generally, there are four different types of tires: sand, snow/winter, all-terrain, and mud-terrain. Due to the specialization and work involved in the manufacturing of these tires, it is worth noting that they retail at different prices. All-terrain wheels are much more expensive as compared to other types of wheels. Rent to own program gives you a chance to own any type of wheel you want without having all that cash on hand.

2. No Credit Restrictions

There are thousands of financing programs out there willing to lend you money so that you can buy custom tires for your vehicle. However, most of the lending organizations anchor their loans on creditworthiness. If you have a poor credit score, you won’t have access to certain financing options. Rent to own tire programs do not anchor their lending capability to your creditworthiness, allowing you to access tires even with poor credit.

3. Minimum Upfront Cash

Before getting your tires, you will be required to pay upfront cash, which will be part of the entire cost of the purchase. However, you can easily get rims in West Palm Beach after paying minimum upfront cash. Plus, you can always negotiate and agree on the amount of upfront cash you’re paying.

4. Flexible Payment Options

Payment options can be spread out over a maximum of three years, which will give you enough time to pay for your new tires. However, flexible payment options allow you to pay minimum amounts without stressing yourself. Moreover, if you get enough funds, you can pay for a rented tire in a lump sum without accruing penalties or extra charges.

When you are experiencing extreme cash shortages, the last thing you want to do is replace your tires. RNR offers rent to own tire payment option, which will allow you to get custom wheels without spending a bunch money early on. This is a flexible arrangement that enables you to keep moving in periods of financial difficulties.

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