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Though our car’s tires are built to be durable and resistant to punctures or scrapes, even they can weaken over time. When this happens, it can result in a flat while you’re driving and put you at risk. But flat tires aren’t the only thing you need to worry about when your tires begin to deteriorate. In fact, air bubbles have the potential to be much worse. This is why you should never drive with a bubble in your tire and what you should do if you have one.



In order to understand why tire bubbles are dangerous, it helps to first know what they are. Tire bubbles, or bulges, occur when the tire’s inner lining, which is responsible for containing the air, weakens and springs a leak. With the pressure from the road, the air seeps through this lining and becomes trapped just under the tire’s outer, rubber layer. Over time, more air will collect here and create a visible bump along the sidewall of the tire.



The reason why you should never drive with a bubble in your tire is the unavoidable fact that it will eventually burst. Since more and more air escapes from the inner lining when you drive your car, the bulge will, at some point, become too big for the rubber to hold. When it reaches this state, the tire will blow out and cause you to lose control of the vehicle—putting you and everyone around you in danger. Blowouts can also put a lot of strain on your vehicle and cause additional damage to your wheels and suspension system.



Fortunately, incidents like these can be avoided if you notice a bubble early on and get the damaged tires replaced. There is no way to fix a tire’s inner lining once it’s broken open. So, the only way to ensure you’re protected is to switch them out for new models. You can then mitigate your risk of developing tire bubbles in the future by avoiding potholes in the road and keeping up with regular tire maintenance.


If you happen to notice that one of your tires is developing a weak spot, reach out to RNR Tire Express immediately. Our tires in Chattanooga, TN are from some of the top manufacturing brands in the industry and are guaranteed to be high-quality. We’ll work with you to get your tires replaced right away and reduce the risk to your safety.

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