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Did you know it’s bad for your car to replace only one tire at a time? Below, we’ll explain why you should replace all your car’s tires at the same time to protect the tires and your vehicle.

Tread Depth

The tread depth is the primary concern for replacing multiple tires simultaneously instead of one at a time. Naturally, older tires with more miles will have greater wear and less tread than newer ones.

While the difference may seem negligible, even a slight imbalance in tread depth is bad for your car and all the tires. It’ll cause uneven tread wear on the other tires and likely force you to have to replace them all anyway.

Balance and Comfort

The tread depth of your car’s tires is integral for the balance of your vehicle and your comfort while driving. If the balance of the tires is off, you’ll noticeably feel it in the vehicle’s handling, cornering, and traction.

It’s the car equivalent of buying one new shoe but pairing it with one old shoe—it will feel awkward for your body, just like it will for your vehicle. It could even cause issues with your vehicle’s systems, like the anti-lock brakes, tire-pressure monitoring system, and traction control. While a one-tire change may be fine for emergencies and short stints, it’s not a wise permanent solution.

AWD vs. 2WD Tire Replacement

Replacing all four tires on your vehicle for balance, performance, and efficiency is always ideal, especially if you drive an all-wheel drive (AWD) car. With an AWD vehicle, each tire spins independently. So if there’s an imbalance in tread depth, it will be even more noticeable and awkward for your vehicle.

If you have a two-wheel drive (2WD) vehicle, it’s typically acceptable to replace just tires of the same axle, as they operate in pairs instead of independently. Still, replacing all four tires is best, but replacing them in pairs is acceptable for 2WD vehicles.


We hope our explainer has been informative as to why you should replace car tires at the same time instead of one at a time. If you’re ready to replace your car’s tires, our tire shop in Lubbock will help you get the ideal tires for your vehicle. Browse our inventory online or contact our staff with any tire-related questions!

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