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Goodyear tires are some of the most popular automotive products for a reason. In fact, millions of drivers prefer them over some other top brands. However, it’s rare that vehicle owners stop to think about what made this small-town Ohio business into the powerhouse we know it to be today. This is a brief history of Goodyear tires and how they impacted the automotive industry.


In order to fully understand the early years of the Goodyear tire company, it’s crucial that we first discuss its namesake—chemist, Charles Goodyear. Contrary to popular belief, Goodyear wasn’t the one who founded the business. But he was the individual who made the first real strides in creating rubber compounds as we know them today. In 1893, he discovered that exposing rubber to heat and sulfur altered the consistency of the material. Later, this process was named vulcanization, and it made the substance much more durable.


Inspired by Goodyear’s contributions to the industry, Frank Seiberling then founded The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1898. At the time, the business consisted of a small team of 13 individuals, and their facilities consisted of abandoned research factories. Over the next several years of research and growth, this team would also invent something new.


Two of Goodyear’s most prominent contributions to the industry were the invention of the first tubeless tire in 1903 and the creation of a new synthetic rubber material in 1937. Both of these products revolutionized the way tires were made and further improved their overall stability, durability, and performance. They would also go on to develop the first nylon tires from the synthetic formula they developed. With this, they quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

Even in a brief history of Goodyear tires, it’s safe to say they’ve done a lot. So, when you purchase their products, it’s clear that you’re getting the highest quality possible. That’s why our team at RNR Tire Express makes it a point to include them in our extensive inventory. Our tire shop in Anderson, SC, also carries other well-known brands such as Nexen, Firestone, and Michelin to ensure you’re never without options.

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