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Once the pandemic and strange times that we are enduring pass, the country will go back to normal. Ordinary life will resume, and we will rebound from this and be stronger for it. When summer finally gets here, we will all venture outdoors in search of good times and relaxation. Hit the highway for the good old American road trip this summer. There are new places to explore and good times to have. If you are keeping an eye on the environment and want to help out, plan a different kind of road trip. Here’s how to plan an eco-friendly road trip.

Choose Wisely

Electric and hybrid vehicles are appearing on the roads more and more all the time. Without question, they are great for the environment with their zero-emission power plants. They don’t pollute the air at all. If you have a regular car, see if an electric one is available to rent for the road trip. You might surprise yourself and love driving it. The rumor is that Teslas are as fast as all get-out.

Pack Your Snacks and Drinks

When you hit the road, keep the trash to a minimum by packing your snacks. Pack fresh fruit and nuts that don’t come in packaging. Don’t create any more waste than necessary and avoid visiting drive-throughs. Save your money for other things like fun attractions on the road and souvenirs.

Plan a Direct Route

Part of the fun is traveling and not the destination. The journey is the important part and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want to have an eco-friendly journey, though, keep the route direct and as short as possible. Burning gasoline and motor oil isn’t very green, so try to use as little as possible. Keeping the route short and sticking to highways will allow you to get better gas mileage and consume less fuel.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Before you begin your adventure, take your car in and get it tuned up. You want to make sure that the car is in good shape in any case, but especially before a trip. Having the car break down or getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere might make for a good story later, but it’s panic-inducing when you are living it. Check the fluids, plugs, filters, and tires and make sure all is well. When the car runs well, it consumes less fuel and helps the environment. When you need new wheels and tires in Columbia, SC, come see the crew at RNR Tire Express. We have everything you need for your car or truck.

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