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Most people often get confused when buying car tires and wheels because they aren’t aware of the different designs, construction, and sizes available. Buying the wrong choice is one great mistake that can cost you an arm and a leg. Wheels and tires are an essential aspect of a car since it forms the connection between the vehicle and the road. This connection is what helps in braking, fuel efficiency, and comfortability while on transit. How great your wheels look will determine how smooth and stylish your ride will be. You need to understand all the tire basics to make an educated purchase. Here, we look at some basics of car tires and wheels that can help you know better about them.

Tires Construction

Tires are made from over 200 materials, but there are three main ingredients; rubber, steel, and nylon. The rubber is molted on top of steel and nylon core in very high pressure. Manufacturers often vary what they add to tires for several reasons like traction (both wet and dry) and quality of your ride. Another important aspect of car tires is the tread pattern. It is also essential for handling and traction. When buying tires, consider one that suits your vehicle’s needs and the driving style you want. Because nothing is perfect in this life, you may have to choose between wet traction and ride quality to get an ideal handling tire. Wheels Construction Most wheels, whether for trucks or cars are made from steel, aluminum, or an alloy of the two metals. Plastic hubcap is for finishing to give it a furnished look. The wheels are then cast and polished for a shiny finish. Steel wheels are cheaper compared to aluminum and alloy wheels. Again, the cost also depends on the size of the rim. For instance, a larger wheel may be more expensive than a smaller one. Apart from improving your ride, custom wheels also spice the whole trip bringing in an entire load of excitement like that of a new car.

Common Wheels and Tire Problems

    • Flat tire

A flat tire can be very frustrating. Sharp objects like nails and stones can give you a flat tire when heading for that important meeting or a date and ruin the entire thing. You can easily fix this damage with a patch depending on how big or small it is. If your tire gets flat suddenly, immediately drive to a safe place where you can comfortably change it. Before you set off, it is wise that you pop into any tire shop and get yourself a spare one for use on such emergencies. Make sure it is inflated and learn some basics on how to change a tire. After changing your flat tire, take it to a tire shop for repair or call a mobile tire repair West Palm Beach to sort you out as fast as possible.

    • Worn Tires

Car tires wear out after a particular time, and there is nothing we can do about that other than replacing them. What if manufacturers make them last forever? This would be great but at the same time hard to comfortably ride and have handling problems. Tires have an indicator on the tread that shows you when they are worn out and need replacement. The indicator is situated just below the tread patterns, and as the tire wears down, the indicator can be seen. You can also use a penny hand to check how deep the tread is worn out. You can buy a new tire and have it replaced at any tire shop near you. You can also browse online shops and positive reviews on where to buy tires with excellent aftersale services.

    • Bent Rim

An alloy wheel can be easily bent even by the slightest hit on a hard object. Steels wheels can be fixed quickly, unlike alloy car rims which need some expertise. Faulty rims often cause poor handling, and in some cases, the tire may start leaking air. If you happen to encounter this problem, check out for rim services from any rim repair West Palm Beach location. You can alternatively check out the closest tire shop since they offer both tire and wheel services.

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