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You’d be hard-pressed to find any vehicle that doesn’t come with some sort of spare tire nowadays. Thankfully, we’ve come to understand that flat tires can occur at any time, and drivers need to be prepared to handle them when they do. However, not all spare tires are made the same, and it’s important to know the differences. You need to know the difference between a donut and a full-size spare tire so that you can drive safely on either.

What Are the Major Differences?

If you have a full-size spare tire in your vehicle, you can use it the same as any normal tire on your car. Swapping out a flat tire for a full-size spare is just like putting new tires on your vehicle. On the other hand, donuts are quite different and require a little more caution.

The biggest difference between donuts and spare tires are that donuts are actually smaller than your normal tires. Because of their smaller size, they are a more temporary fix for a flat tire than a full-size spare. They can’t handle nearly as much weight, and you should swap them out for a real spare tire as soon as you can.

Pros and Cons for Donuts and Spares

If donuts aren’t as big or tough as full-sized spare tires, why does your car have one, and why might you want one? You’ll often see that donuts are more common in smaller vehicles such as sedans. This is because smaller cars don’t handle the extra weight of carrying a full-size tire very well, as they can create a lot of extra drag on the back end of your vehicle.

Larger vehicles can handle the extra weight of a full-sized spare tire, which is important because donuts aren’t as useful for heavier vehicles, especially at higher speeds.

Driving Tips for Using Donuts

If you do replace a flat tire with a donut on your vehicle, don’t need to feel as though you are driving on something unsafe. Donuts are completely safe to drive on for short periods of time and at lower speeds. You’ll want to stay at or below 55 miles per hour when driving on a donut for the best results. It’s a good idea to swap it out with a spare tire as soon as you can, though.

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