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RNR Tire Express wanted to honor one lucky dad with the ultimate Epic Adventure Giveaway! With the new Indiana Jones movie coming out, it’s the perfect time to not only watch the movie with the family, but take a little adventure of your own — and of course, with your family! With over 6,500 entries, we selected ONE winner and his family an ENTIRE Ultimate Epic Adventure prize back to win:

  • Airfare to California
  • 3 Nights of Hotel Accommodations
  • Disneyland Park Passes
  • Indiana Jones Movie Tickets

We’re eager to announce that this year, RNR Tire Express selected Efrim out of Portage, Michigan! Efrim is a father of 2 nominated by his wife, Tracy. The nomination read:

“My husband is a USMC Veteran. He is also a volunteer fireman (for the last 6 years, 2nd generation) and he is a corrections officer for our local jail. My husband devotes all of his time to helping others. Between his regular job where is consistently picks up overtime, he runs out at all hours of the night to help people at their worst times (fire department). If that wasn’t enough, he is always helping to take care of friends & family, whatever they may need. He also volunteers with the fire department for “Santa’s Firefighters” where we take up donations for families in need at Christmas. Not only does he help call the families to see what they need, he helps shop for them, wrap all the gifts, and delivers them via firetruck. He takes very little to no time for himself.  We have 2 children (one teen, one pre-teen). He is always there to cheer them on at their sporting events (and their friends, teammates, and even opponents lol), he takes our son on father & son trips, even encouraging his friends to join him with their sons where he teaches them ways to be self-sufficient. He also started a program in 2014 called Men on a Mission. This program helped widowed women in our church. My husband would organize a group of men & their sons to help out one widow a week all summer long with any work that needed to be done around their homes. My husband, also, unfortunately, recently lost his father in April. My FIL had a heart attack that nearly cost him his life in 2018 and then had a stroke this year. My husband was the first responder on both calls. This will be his first Father’s Day without his dad. I feel like my husband is deserving for all of those reasons & more.”


We are so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate and honor such a kind and dependable man/father! We are eager to see all of the photos of the memories they create together! Thank you to everyone to nominated their loved one. Our selection team had a hard year with such lovely entires, as always, be sure to check your email or the RNR website for more community giveaways.

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