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Since their debut in the early 2000s, electric cars have been a hot-button topic. Debate continues today about how electric vehicles impact the environment and whether that impact is good or bad. Fans of electric cars will point out the highlights of the technology, while detractors will focus on the negative. As with all things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Electric cars will always be a part of the world economy if there’s a grid to support them, and the technology will only improve.

Electric vs. Internal Combustion Engines

The argument over the two types of motors breaks down to emissions and how much each type creates. There’s no argument about how much emissions the electric motor produces—because it’s almost zero. Electric engines are cleaner and more efficient. The old gas-powered engine that was used in the 1970s was wildly inefficient and created a lot of smoke. Today, internal combustion engines are far superior to those early models. They produce far less carbon and greenhouse gases. However, detractors of the electric engine point to the creation of the electricity. Energy doesn’t fall from the sky; it’s produced somewhere and somehow. That clean electric energy must come from the nation’s power grid, making it only as clean as the method used to produce it. Coal plants are on the decline, but they’re still churning out electricity, and natural gas is still the largest source of energy in the country. The argument is that no matter how clean the electric engine is, how its power is produced—burning fossil fuels—negates its benefits.

Environmental Effects

Right now, electric and hybrid cars are expensive, but that will change over time. Electric vehicles impact the environment positively for the most part. They have zero tailpipe emission of particulate matter and carbon dioxide. Charging can happen at home, work, and charging stations all over the country. Electric vehicles also reduce the noise pollution on city streets and highways. Fewer moving parts in the engine mean fewer mechanical problems to fix. Federal and state governments offer huge subsidies on electric vehicles, bringing the cost down and putting them in reach of the average consumer. RNR Tire Express has tires in Augusta, GA, for your electric or hybrid car. Bring it by today and check out our lineup of high-quality tires and wheels.

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