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Dog owners sure do love them some dogs. They want to take them everywhere possible, so they never miss a moment apart. Sometimes owners bring dogs everywhere to keep them from tearing up the house, but more often it’s done out of love. The next time you hit the road for some summer fun, take your dog with you on the road trip. There are different things you’ll need to bring along, of course, and more stops along the way. Here are some tips on how to plan a road trip with your dog so that everyone has a good time.

Hotel Bookings

When you are planning your route, plan on the overnight stops. Figure out where you’ll stop for the night and start looking for hotel rooms. When you narrow down the list, check to see if pets are allowed before booking. Many hotels accommodate furry friends, but not all of them. Stick to the ones that allow pets instead of sneaking your buddy in. Don’t run the risk of getting found out and tossed out in the middle of the night.

Pack for Fido

You will pack things for yourself and the kids, so do the same for the dog. Pets don’t require as much stuff as humans do, but they can’t do without certain items. Pack the food and water bowls, leash, food, treats, and some toys to keep the dog occupied on the road. If your dog has a pet bed, bring that too. Bring whatever you think your dog will need to be comfortable on the road.

Schedule Dog-Friendly Stops

You’ll need to make pit stops along the way so all riders can get out, stretch, and use the facilities, such as they are. When planning on what sites you want to see on the trip, find out if they are pet-friendly. There’s no point in stopping somewhere if you must leave the dog in the car. You didn’t bring him to guard the car while you visit Mount Rushmore. The internet has all the answers, so check online to find out if pets are allowed.

Tag Your Dog

This safety issue is an important factor in planning a road trip with your dog. More and more pet owners are “chipping” their pets. They have a trackable computer chip implanted just under their pet’s skin, usually between the shoulders, in case they run off. A veterinarian can scan the chip to find out if the animal is up to date on shots and who the owner is. If you don’t want that, then keep the vaccination paperwork with you and make sure there is a tag on the dog’s collar with your name and phone number in case the pooch takes off after a rabbit. RNR Tire Express is the best tire shop in Anderson, SC. We have all the latest and greatest styles of Tires and Wheels for your car or truck.

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