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RNR Tire Express Annual Teacher Appreciation Giveaway


Honoring Those Who Shape Our Future

In a world where education forms the bedrock of our society, teachers stand as the unsung heroes, shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of these educators, RNR Tire Express embarked on an inspiring journey with their annual Teacher Appreciation Giveaway. This heartfelt initiative not only highlights the dedication of teachers but also reinforces the significance of community involvement in nurturing the educators of our future.

Celebrating Excellence Across the Board

Year after year, RNR Tire Express receives an overwhelming response to their Teacher Appreciation Giveaway. This year was no different, with thousands of entries pouring in from all corners of the country. Amid this sea of deserving educators, a select few were chosen to be celebrated, their impact resonating far beyond the confines of their classrooms. The heartwarming gesture of purchasing entire Amazon school supply wishlists for these teachers showcases RNR Tire Express’ commitment to going above and beyond mere recognition. By alleviating the out-of-pocket expenses for school supplies, they’re empowering teachers to focus on what truly matters – their students’ growth and development.

Spotlight on Florida: Making a Difference One Teacher at a Time

This year, RNR Tire Express turned its attention to the vibrant state of Florida, where they celebrated three exceptional teachers. These educators, representative of the countless others who dedicate their lives to education, received more than just tangible gifts; they were showered with appreciation, encouragement, and gratitude.

  • The first teacher awarded was third grade teacher Nycole Thomas from Westside Elementary School in Daytona Beach, FL. Thomas was nominated not once but five times from family, friends, and even her former teacher. Many described Thomas as an overachiever who is extremely focused on her students and is a one in a million person.
  • The second teacher awarded was Tara Fernandez from Forest Hills Elementary School in Tampa, Florida, who’s a dedicated educator focused on enriching the lives of her students. She was overwhelmed with emotion when she learned that she was awarded all the items on her wishlist for the upcoming school year. Fernandez will continue to be a genuine and dedicated educator who uses her skills to further encourage the growth of the students around her.
  • The third teacher who was recognized for their outstanding dedication to their students is Megan Summers from Safety Harbor Middle School in Safety Harbor, Florida. Summers was nominated by her mom who sees firsthand her continued dedication to her student’s day in and day out. Anyone at the school can see that Summers truly cares about the education that her students are receiving and wants to continue to ensure they are growing into their best selves throughout the time spent in her classroom.
Inspiring Community Engagement for a Brighter Future

Beyond the heartwarming stories of these teachers, RNR Tire Express sets an example of community engagement and social responsibility. By supporting educators who shape the minds of future generations, they inspire others to take an active role in their communities. The annual Teacher Appreciation Giveaway isn’t just a gesture; it’s a movement that emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and supporting those who dedicate their lives to education.

Stay Informed, Be Inspired

For more information on this initiative and other ways RNR Tire Express is involved in communities near you, make sure to follow @RNRtires for the latest updates, giveaways and more!

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