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There are thousands of manufacturers in the automotive industry, but very few of them have the colorful history that Continental does. Over the decades, this brand has dabbled in various areas of this engineering field—from advanced braking systems to safety features, and even interior electronics. However, none of these other innovations could have been possible without their initial pursuits with tire products. This is the history of Continental tires and what this company is still doing to create the best models possible for our vehicles.

Humble Beginnings

Continental, or Continental Caoutchouc-und Gutta-Percha Compagnie, was founded in Hanover, Germany in the year 1871. At the time, the automobile industry was just beginning to take off in this area of the world. Their main operations factory specialized in soft rubber products and rubberized fabrics—paving the way for their work with bicycle and carriage tires. However, as the decades passed, this brand would begin making tires for German-made cars and would go on to spearhead several developments in how they were designed.

The Grooved Tire

One of the most noteworthy milestones in the history of Continental tires is what they’ve done for the introduction and advancement of tire treads. In 1904, Continental produced the first tire that included a patterned tread along its circumference. Researchers then realized that these grooves were able to provide a new level of flexibility to a product, thus making them more effective and controllable on roads. This discovery would lead to a few more inventions, including the riveted anti-skid tires.

Focus on Sustainability

As we’ve moved into the modern age, Continental has taken an increasing interest in sustainability and has been working to develop more sustainable products over the past two decades. Many of their efforts have shifted towards inventing an eco-friendly alternative to the rubber compounds we currently use for tire manufacturing; others dabble in the recycling of old tires into quality new models. So, despite their industry success, this industry giant is always evolving and looking ahead. Continental is among the leading tire companies in the world for a reason. This is why we at RNR Tire Express consider them one of our most important suppliers. Our tire shop in Savannah, GA carries tires from Continental, as well as models from many other reputable manufacturing brands. So, regardless of what kind of tire you need, you can be assured that the products you buy from us are backed by a rich history of quality performance.

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