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When we think about purchasing tires for our vehicles, Michelin is one of the first brands that comes to mind. Known for their quality and dedication to excellence, this brand is a leading competitor in the tire manufacturing industry. However, many people aren’t aware of the milestones this business has achieved, or how they even started. This is the history of the Michelin tire company and how certain events led to the conception of top-notch products.

The Early Years

The Michelin Group was officially founded in 1889 when Edouard Michelin, the company’s founder, acquired a rubber factory that specialized in products for farm equipment. Michelin began working to develop new types of tires—even inventing the first detachable bicycle tire in 1891. These tires were among the highest quality available at the time, and they became well-known for their use in several professional races over the following years. From here, Michelin worked on creating tires that could handle higher speeds, which is what led him into the automobile industry.

From Bicycles To Automobiles

By the early 1900s, the first automobiles were still in their infancy. Most people weren’t thinking about how to continue developing tires. Upon inventing wider-set tires with additional stability, Michelin decided to make products that also benefitted the automotive world. This would be a key moment in the history of the Michelin tire company, as these tires became some of the fastest on the road in as little as four years.

Michelin Today

Michelin products have continued to evolve over the years, and their quality remains among the best in the industry. Testing and research have even yielded new products such as the first steel-cased tire for trucks and the patented radial tire design. This brand remains just as committed to drivers as they were from the beginning, and will likely shock the world with what they develop next. Michelin tires are some of the best in the business. This is why at RNR Tire Express, we make sure we always have their products in stock. We’re proud to carry the top brands in the industry—whether it be Michelin, Bridgestone, or Goodyear. Stop by our tire shop in Beaufort, SC to find exactly what you need.

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