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The fall season has officially begun, and it’s only a matter of time before the summer heat gives way to a crisp chill in the air. But before we begin our preparations for a long, grueling winter ahead, it’s good to take some time to enjoy the beautiful changes that only nature can provide. Leaf watching is one of the most beloved activities of this time of year, so make sure you visit one of these top fall foliage destinations to drive to this fall to properly experience it.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is a historic town with plenty of nature to take in. From the salty smell of the nearby sea to the lush forests perfect for hiking, there’s no end to the wonders that travelers can experience here. But if anything can steal the spotlight, it’s the vibrant colors that grace the area’s leaves each year. Individuals travel from states away just to get a glimpse of these autumn hues and relish in an atmosphere that is only available during this season.

Aspen, Colorado

Another top fall foliage destination to drive to this fall is the town of Aspen, located in the heart of Colorado. Though this area is most famous for its ski slopes and winter retreats, it also displays some dazzling fall colors as the weather begins to cool.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

There’s even a destination for people who don’t want to leave their cars to enjoy the foliage. Stretching from North Carolina to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway is bordered by rows upon rows of gorgeous pine, sugar maple, and birch trees. Each type turns its own shade of fall orange, yellow, or red, making for a once-in-a-lifetime display.

Door County, Wisconsin

If you’d rather head north, there are options for you as well. Door County, Wisconsin, also boasts tree-lined roads and expansive trails for hiking, along with their breathtaking colors. However, these leaves typically reach their peaks from September to about the middle of October, so you may need to make this a quicker getaway. If you plan to take a road trip to any of these beautiful locations, you’ll want to ensure your car is up to the task. Consider paying us a visit at RNR Tire Express. We have facilities that span several states, including a quality tire store in Greenville, North Carolina, to take care of your needs if you’re traveling along the coast.

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