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Run-flat tires are special tires that have unique benefits and disadvantages. Below, we explain what you need to know about the pros and cons of run-flat tires.

What Are Run-Flat Tires?

Before we get into the advantages and weaknesses of run-flat tires, how are run-flat tires different than regular tires? Run-flat tires feature a unique tread construction that gives the tire an ultra-stiff sidewall.

This stiff sidewall allows the tire to support the weight of a vehicle without air in the tire, even at highway speeds. As the name suggests, run-flat tires allow your vehicle to keep running even when it sustains a flat for around 50 miles.

Advantages of Run-Flat Tires


The main thing to know about the pros and cons of run-flat tires is they’re the most convenient option if your vehicle ever sustains a puncture while driving. If you get a flat with normal tires, you have to pull over immediately and change the tire or call a tow truck to bring it to a local mechanic or tire store for a swap.

But with a run-flat tire, you can keep going, even on the highway, until you find a mechanic, get home, or find a safe place to stop and change the tire.


The strength of run-flat tires isn’t just convenient for choosing when and where to change your tire but is also much safer for your vehicle and yourself. When a puncture occurs suddenly on a standard tire, it can immediately put you and other cars in danger as you struggle to control a vehicle without a working tire.

But run-flat tires allow you to control your vehicle even when it loses a tire. Plus, with the option to continue driving, you can choose a safe place to change the tire instead of having to do it on the side of the highway or a busy street.

Drawbacks of Run-Flat Tires

Limited Selection

While run-flat tires are excellent for safety and convenience, they’re not the most common or widely available tire for drivers. While most tire companies offer some versions of run-flat tires, you may struggle to find a wide selection for your vehicle.

Because of the limited nature and special construction of run-flat tires, they are also more expensive than standard all-purpose tires.

Stiffer Ride

The other downside to the stiff sidewall of the run-flat tire is it means a bumpier and stiffer ride. Since run-flat tires are stronger and less flexible, drivers will feel the road bumps more than with general-purpose tires.

If the vehicle comes with standard run-flat tires, it likely also has a tuned suspension that considers the stiffer tires for a more comfortable ride. But if you’re replacing normal tires with run-flat tires, you’ll likely feel a difference in the ride quality.

Where To Find Run-Flat Tires in Tucson, AZ

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